Fruit. Healthy. Doctor. Adam and Eve. Serpent. Snow White. Smart phone. Laptop. Desktop. Lechon.

I am so on-point, right? These are the things that normally come to mind whenever we see or hear the word APPLE…

…Well there is one more Apple I’d like to be part of your everyday routine. Let us put another good definition to this word. Let us give it a face, a character, a life.

I am Apple, and I wanna be your friend. This is my blog and the lens to my everyday existence.

What I love?

Food. Wine (Yes, I have until WSET level 3). Beer. Healthy stuff. Beauty Potions and Secrets (Yes, I take care of my skin, and YES! I am vain). Travels. Beach. Cool climates. Music. Gadgets. Experiences. Success. Failures. Perseverance. People. Diversity. Change. Humanity. Love. Wisdom. Smart Conversations. Integrity.

What I don’t love?

Hypocrisy. Stagnation. Apathy. Negativity.